Metal Roof Repairs

Metal roofs are common in Alabama. Look at any commercial building over 1,000 square feet, and odds are likely it has a metal roof on top. Odds are also likely that the metal roof you see on top is leaking and is in need of repair. There are some common metal roof repairs that come up over the course of a roofs life, and silicone coating can fix them and avoid requiring a full metal roof replacement.

Common Metal Roof Issues.

Most metal roofs develop rust at some point in their service lives. While most metal roof panels are extruded and anodized at the factory before being installed, these roofs still tend to rust over time. Unless the roof is painted on a very regular basis, the metal will inevitably begin to rust. Once  the rust begins, we all know it is extremely difficult to stop.

Moisture can penetrate acrylic coatings and roof paints, and continue to feed the rust underneath the paint or coating. The rust will continue to expand and eventually reemerge through the surface of the paint.

The second most common problem with a metal roof is fastener escape. As the temperature rises and falls, metal roofs expand and contract. This movement in the roof often causes the fasteners to back themselves out and exit the roof. Metal roof repair experts typically survey the roof periodically and re-drill fasteners into the roof surface. This is only taking care of the symptom, though, not the true problem.

If you re-drill fasteners once, wait long enough and you will have to do it again because the roof will continue to move with changes in temperature.