Exterior Renovations

When thinking about adding value to your home, you can’t underestimate the power of curb appeal. But, the value of an exterior renovation isn’t limited to just cosmetic-driven benefits; it can also result in energy savings, improved general maintenance, and will certainly add to the overall livability and perception of your home. The team at Cowart Construction has a background in exterior renovations, and whether your project includes re-siding, re-painting, new windows, doors, roofing or trim, we’ll take the utmost care of the building that keeps you and your family safe from the outside elements.


Whether you’ve got vinyl, stone or brick veneer, the siding on your house composes 80%+ of the exterior of your home, making it the most visible section to the public.


The saying “All you need is a roof over your head” didn’t come from nowhere. Don’t underestimate the importance of a strong, functional roof, and remember that even if there are no obvious leaks your roof is not necessarily problem-free.

Windows and Doors

Although we take them for granted daily, these outlets to the rest of the world not only protect our important assets, but can also save money both day-to-day and with your home renovation.


Repainting existing siding is an easy, inexpensive alternative to a complete siding replacement.